Tania (deaddontsleep) wrote in cowardlydogfans,


I STILL remember when CN first aired a Courage the cowardly dog it was really a show at all it was just an episode, It was one of the duck episode, after I saw it I was little and I was pretty scred of it. xD
But some time later They made a show of it o_o and well I LOVED I couldn't get enought of it then it stoped coming on and it sucked. -.-;; but I few weeks ago I couldn't sleep and I was watching adult swim and afterwards some shows came on then Courage came on and one of my favorite episode came on Freaky fred. o.o;WOW the memorys it was awesome I taped it. xD I can't stay up enough to keep watching it I always fall sleep watching one of those other shows. <.< But anywho I've been watching Freaky Fred on tape ever since and that son is so catchy o.O And I've almost memorized the poem o_o; But I was wondering if anyone had the little 'Na na na' song it's sounds little kids are singing or anything like it... o_o; I been searching forever but nothing has come up. >.> So if anyone knows links would be helpful. :3
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