Ryonard (burntpeasant) wrote in cowardlydogfans,

Friday @ 3-4pm (Eastern/Pacific)

Hey you Courage fans. Appearantly Cartoon Network is going to show Courage on Friday at 3 and 3:30pm. I'm not sure this is either an one-day thing or a continuation, but still CN is going to show it! The episodes will be "The Hunchback of Nowhere", "The God Must be Goosy", and "The Mask (Pt. 1 and 2). If these are one of your favorite episodes, don't miss them!
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great news! I was just thinking about Courage today...thanks for letting us know! Hopefully it will be weekly...
the mask is the one with bunny and the abusive dog boyfriend, right? that one was probably the creepiest episode i've ever seen, it had such amazing dark undertones that shadowed the lighter feel of other episodes. makes me wish i wasn't in the middle of moving and sans cable. :(