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I was wondering if someone could perhaps make me a 50 x 50 icon of Courage with it saying Courage The Coward Club on it, it can be animated 15KB, I need it for my Courage Club on deviantART. I also need an ID saying Courage The Cowardly Dog Club with any pictures on it, about 400 x 250, could anyone help me out?

Friday @ 3-4pm (Eastern/Pacific)

Hey you Courage fans. Appearantly Cartoon Network is going to show Courage on Friday at 3 and 3:30pm. I'm not sure this is either an one-day thing or a continuation, but still CN is going to show it! The episodes will be "The Hunchback of Nowhere", "The God Must be Goosy", and "The Mask (Pt. 1 and 2). If these are one of your favorite episodes, don't miss them!

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Hello all! My name is Mel and I am (like everyone else here) a Courage fan. It's rediculously quirky charm sucked me in pretty quick :P My favorite episodes are Freaky Fred (popular answer, isnt it?), The Tower of Dr. Zalost, Katz Candy, and Cabaret Courage.
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Any hope for a complete DVD release?

(I hope cross-posting is OK. I didn't see anything in the userinfo about it for either community, so I'm going to post this in both nowhere_news and cowardlydogfans.)

It only occurred to me today to look for Courage communities on LJ, so I'm new. I know some episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog are on special Cartoon Network DVDs which have different episodes of various shows, but does anyone think there's any hope for real Courage DVDs someday? I would definitely buy them if there were. Not sure exactly who I should write to if I was really curious if it were even remotely possible, either... but maybe if I ever did ask someone official, it would be nice if I had a few other people who were interested as well.

It was cancelled, but I know a lot of people online seem to like the show and were disappointed it was cancelled... and those people would probably also be interested in DVDs, but I don't know if enough people would buy them to make it worth an actual release on the part of the companies involved. Sometimes I see petitions online to get a show released on DVD... one in particular I remember noticing was the show "Freaks and Geeks", which I saw an online petition for... which said that if enough people signed it, the show would be released... and I noticed sometime recently that I started seeing DVDs in stores, so I figure it's possible the petition that I saw worked.

Just wondered what other people's thoughts would be on this...


I STILL remember when CN first aired a Courage the cowardly dog it was really a show at all it was just an episode, It was one of the duck episode, after I saw it I was little and I was pretty scred of it. xD
But some time later They made a show of it o_o and well I LOVED I couldn't get enought of it then it stoped coming on and it sucked. -.-;; but I few weeks ago I couldn't sleep and I was watching adult swim and afterwards some shows came on then Courage came on and one of my favorite episode came on Freaky fred. o.o;WOW the memorys it was awesome I taped it. xD I can't stay up enough to keep watching it I always fall sleep watching one of those other shows. <.< But anywho I've been watching Freaky Fred on tape ever since and that son is so catchy o.O And I've almost memorized the poem o_o; But I was wondering if anyone had the little 'Na na na' song it's sounds little kids are singing or anything like it... o_o; I been searching forever but nothing has come up. >.> So if anyone knows links would be helpful. :3